Meet the Steering Group

Photos top row left to right-

  • Louise Middleton, Nikki Jacques, Maureen Rolfe and Peter Phillips


Photos middle row left to right-

  • Beth Callis, Nikki Cummins, Renata Noyce and Sarah Murray.


Photos on bottom row-

  • Adriana Scalzavara de Souza and Marion Burgess.


No current photo of Steering Group member Sue Jeyapaul



What do we do?

Parent Carers Together has a Steering Group of key parents and carers who participate in external meetings for the benefit of our members and their children/young people.

Every member of the Steering Group writes a summary report of the meeting or task group they attended on Parent Carers Together behalf.

Currently Louise and Nikki J are the Co-chairs of the Steering Group.

Beth provides admin support to the Steering Group.

Five new members joined the Steering Group in November; Nikki C, Renata, Sue, Sarah and Adriana.


What are our interests and areas of expertise?

Louise-is interested in development around Mental Health and Post 16 options for younger people.

Nikki J- is interested in areas around Preparing for Adulthood (PFA), Educational Health Care Plans (ECHPs), Mental Health, Speech and Language, SEN Support and Behaviour and Development. Nikki J will shortly be supporting BCP council with their work on the SEND Panel.

Maureen- is interested in work around Post 16 and Post 19 Options and she is part of the local Learning Disability Partnership Board.

Peter- his specialisms are education specific; Home Education and Special Guardian Needs.   Peter will shortly be supporting BCP council with their work on the SEND Panel.

Nikki C-is interested in the development around ECHP's, Mental Health and Post 16 Options.

Renata-is interested in how to consult parents and carers where English is not their first Language. Renata is Brazilian and also speaks Portuguese.

Sarah- is interested in discussions around School Phobia ('offrolling'), Autism, Visual Impairment, Specialist Health Needs and School Provision. She has experience of both mainstream and specialist schools, colleges, and boarding school.

Adriana-Like Renata, Adriana is Brazilian also and can speak Portuguese. Adriana is also interested in those hard to reach parents and carers to ensure they have a voice.

Marion- Is also a member of Parent Carer Foundation and she is our liaison with the Foundation.

Sue-has a particular interest in Early Years ECHPs, School Provision and being part of the Tier 2 SEND Task Group. Sue will shortly be supporting BCP with their work on the SEND Panel.


How often do we meet?

The Steering Group meet formally once a month to provide meeting feedback, look at ways to increase parent involvement and to plan for the future of the forum.

Below are some photos of the Steering Group including photos of the Interim Steering Group on 14th May 2019 at our first Steering Group meeting.