About Us

We work in partnership with the local authority, health services and other service providers to:

  • Raise awareness
  • Influence change
  • Support parents and carers
  • To have a voice in how SEND services are shaped and delivered in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

To find out more about Parent Carers Together , click HERE to view a Powerpoint presentation 'Introduction to PCT'.

We issued a joint statement with the Dorset Parent Carer Council (DPCC) to parents and carers to help everyone understand the role of Parent Carers Together, what we do and how we ensure the ‘voice’ of our SEND community shapes services locally and nationally. Click HERE to read it.

Comments from Parents, Carers and other Agencies about the Forum:

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Advocating for our children

Thank you for advocating for our children across BCP   You all do an amazing job!

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Your website

Just looking on your website, looks like there’s lots of useful information there 

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A voice for parents

Continue to flag up issues with the local authority as you really have been a great force of change. There were so many issues and you have made so much progress. You have been a voice for parents and the work you do has had such a positive impact on families

parent/carer feedback from our January-February 2021 members survey
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Dedicated and passionate people

We are very lucky to have such a wonderful team of incredibly dedicated and passionate people helping families by giving advice, support and liaising with the council to iron out repeated issues. Thank you all

parent/carer feedback from our January-February 2021 members survey
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Knowledge and help

Your knowledge and help is invaluable and I’m so grateful

parent/carer feedback from our January-February 2021 members survey
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Hugely reassuring

I am really grateful to you all for providing a space where we can ask questions, share experiences and resources. Right now I don’t have the time or energy to respond to every survey and questionnaire from different services as they might come about….So it is hugely reassuring to know that anonymized feedback expressed amongst forum members is being unpicked and passed on to the right persons / groups. But most importantly, shared by people with lived experience of being a parent carer, that I trust will be delivered with the same care and passion that I would if I could. Thank you to all of you for doing such invaluable work to voice our experiences and concerns, I really am grateful

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PCT are great

PCT are great and work with the council to feedback what support is working and what isn’t

Raring2go Bournemouth!
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Wonderful resource

The Parent Carers Together group is such a wonderful resource for parents to get to know others in the same situation, while also receiving vital help and support from the organisations that are here to make life easier, like ourselves

Elaine Ewing

Diverse Abilities- Advice Team Manager
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Great signposting

Lots of great signposting so that will keep me busy. Thank you so much to all of you

three young people-one female and two males


We LOVE what you guys are doing