little girl with Down Syndrome having her heart chest checked by doctor with syhtescsope.

Too ill for school?

The Royal College of GP have co-signed a letter from the Chief Medical Officer aimed at supporting GPs having conversations with families about school attendance and mild illness. 

Information from the NHS is available for parents to support their decision making whether their child is too poorly to go to school or nursery.  


NHS England have produced a toolkit for GP practices about constipation. As well as a poster, there is a factsheet- Let’s Talk about Constipation

lets talk about constipation poster with QR code

Learning Disability & Autism 

The NHS have information on the Mental Health, Learning Disability & Autism Transformation Programme.  You can read more about the programme HERE including the NHS Long Term Plan which has a focus on expanding and improving the quality of community care for people with mental health problems, including people with a learning disability and autistic people.