Support, Info and Advice Packs

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National Resources

A Teenager’s Guide to ADHD by the ADHD Foundation.
This guide will help you learn about what ADHD is, how it affects those with ADHD, and ways people with ADHD can thrive.
Amazing things happen (viewable via Facebook) a short 4 minute video explaining about how all our brains work differently and how it can affect interactions and senses.
This video gives an overview of Autism and an Autistic brain.

Local Resources

The below support and advice packs have been developed by the University Hospital Dorset NHS Foundation Trust. 

Before each of the packs were finalised, Parent Carers Together we invited to consult our members and all parent and carer feedback was collated anonymously and offered to the Trust to develop the packs further to help meet the needs and understanding of local families whose children and young people had undergone an assessment. 

My journey through the Child Development Centre

The pack guides families through the assessment process at the Child Development Centre at Poole Hospital. It has sections on:

-Meet the team

-What to expect from the process

-When there is no diagnosis 

-Planning for your appointments

-Preparing for your appointments 

-Photographs of the inside and outside of the building

The pack is due to be reviewed in June 2026.

Children and Young People on the Autistic Spectrum Pack 

This support and advice pack was finalised in January 2023, to be reviewed in 2026. 

The pack will be given to the families of those children and young people given an Autism diagnosis. Friends and anyone working alongside an autistic child will also find this guide useful.

It has sections around:

-Telling your Child they are Autistic

-Autism Language 

-Websites and Support 


In May 2023, the University Hospital Dorset NHS Foundation Trust developed an advice and support pack to give to parents of children and young people diagnosed with Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder- ADHD.

In the pack you can find information on:

-Characteristics of ADHD

-Management of ADHD


-Support Strategies


Children and Young People who have Differences and Difficulties without a Specific Neurodevelopmental Diagnosis Pack

This is the latest support and advice pack finalised July 2023, to be reviewed July 2026.

This support and advice pack is given to families of those children and young people are assessed but not given a diagnosis.

This pack includes helpful information around:

-Self Care

-Self Esteem

-Staying Healthy

-Support at School

-Visual Timetables