Resources for Hearing Impaired Children and Young People

The National Deaf Children’s Society have created four comics for children to help prepare for going to the hearing clinic, getting grommets, hearing aids and cochlear implants. 

1.Going to the hearing clinic – a comic for primary school age children explaining what will happen when they go to a hearing clinic.

2.Ali gets hearing aids-aimed at primary school children, the comic follows Ali as he goes to the audiologist to have earmoulds made, then his hearing aids fitted, what a difference the hearing aids make and how he looks after them.

3.Chloe gets cochlear implants -this comic aimed for children aged 8 and under,  provides them with information so that they can better understand the assessment and switch-on process in getting a cochlear implant.

4.Harvey gets grommets -In this comic, aimed at primary school age children, Harvey can’t hear very well so his mum takes him to the doctor, who says Harvey has glue ear. Children can read about Harvey’s visit to the doctor, and then to hospital to get grommets.

Radio aids– another resource from the National Deaf Children’s Society.  This one is a social story designed to help deaf children feel more comfortable using their radio aid in various settings.  It may be useful for children who are new to using a radio aid, will be using it in a new way, or are reluctant to use one.

Resources for Hearing Siblings 

Me and my deaf brother or sister (younger kids)- this activity booklet is aimed for children 5 and under to help them understand what it is like to be deaf

Me and my deaf brother and sister: For hearing siblings aged six and up -activity booklet aimed at older children to help them understand that their sibling is deaf and what it means.

Local Support

The Dorset Deaf Children’s Society are a local charity who organise events and activities so hearing impaired children, young people and their families can meet and have fun.
They also provide grants and equipment for hearing impaired children and their families