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  • Advocacy factsheet– (amended March 2023)
  • My End of Life Plan Template – Easy read format
  • SEND Acronyms List Document (amended March 2023)
  • SEND Terms Explained Simply Document (Amended March 2023)
  • Signposting Document for Parents and Carers compiled by NHS Dorset Healthcare Trust (July 2021)
  • SEND Survey 2023– The latest annual survey by BCP Council is live and running until midday on 13th December
  • SEND Survey 2022Parent Carers Together co-produced an Annual SEND Survey with BCP Council and other partners. The survey was carried out in November 2022.
    PCT is disappointed that it took BCP Council over six months to analyse the survey data, but there is now a published summary of the 2022 survey results.
    The charts below show PCT’s own summary of the 2022 survey data. The first chart shows all the survey statements ordered so that the ones with the strongest agreement from parents are at the top, and the ones with the strongest disagreement at the bottom. The second chart shows the relative change in the responses since the previous year, ordered so that the statements at the top have shown the most improvement and the statements at the bottom the biggest shift towards ‘disagree’.
    The survey includes 21 statements, and for each one parents are invited to choose between strongly agree / agree / neither / disagree / strongly disagree. The 2022 survey was completed by 265 parents

BCP SEND Survey 2022
BCP SEND survey 2022- change since 2021