Oral Health

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Sensory tips

Children’s Therapy Services at Poole Hospital Child Development Centre know teeth cleaning can be a nightmare for children who dislikes the taste and texture of toothpastes and toothbrushes telling them the following:

* Taste too spicy / too minty / too strong
* Too foamy / frothy
* Too gritty / grainy
* Too hard 
* It hurts my teeth 
* I don’t like the noise / vibration (electric toothbrush)
It may be a case of trial and error to find the right toothbrush and toothpaste your child can accept. However, below is a list of strategies that may be better for those who dislike teeth cleaning.
1. Oranurse toothpaste – non-foaming and non-flavoured.
2. Jack n’ Jill toothpaste – range of fruit flavoured toothpastes.
3. hismile toothpaste – range of fruit / sweet flavoured toothpastes.
4. 2 in 1 toothpaste & mouthwash – in liquid gel form rather than a paste.
5. waterless teeth wipes – these are not designed to replace teeth brushing but as a stepping stone or if it the only thing your child tolerates than it is better than not brushing at all.
6. iKo kids finger toothbrush – no water or toothpaste required.
7. three sided toothbrush.
8. u-shaped toothbrush – please be aware these are not very effective but if it the only brush your child tolerates, then it is better than not brushing at all.
9. Experiment with types of toothbrush bristles – soft, medium, or hard. Most dentists recommend the soft bristles but your child may prefer firmer bristles.
10. Experiment with different electric toothbrushes – try and opt for ones that are silent/quiet and are for sensitive gums i.e. Oclean X ProElite Smart. 
11. Try and encourage your child to brush their teeth when they are calm. This may mean they only brush their teeth once a day, or at lunch time or in the evening instead of the mornings when it is more busy. 
12. Where possible, let the child brush their own teeth. Imagine someone else trying to brush your teeth. If you do have to brush your child teeth, brush their teeth from their side not facing them and let them hold the brush with your hand over the top to guide. 
13. Consider sitting letting your child sit down or stand up to brush their teeth depending on what they find more comfortable.
14. Consider using a mirror to support your child to brush their teeth if visual feedback helps them to see what they are doing. 

Looking After Your Teeth Posters

Twice is nice poster
Twice is Nice Poster
sugar and childrens oral health poster
Sugar & Children's Oral Health

Dorset Community Dental Service- Safety Drive Clinic 

At some point, your child or young person may be referred to the specialist dentist clinic for further treatment or investigations.

The Browning Centre clinic and the Canford Heath clinic closed in December 2023 and the new clinic is based at:

Safety Drive, Poole, BH17 7FR (behind the petrol station). 

01202 705810

outside of specialist dentist Safety Drive

During your visit/s you may be seen by any members of the team:

*Simon (Senior Dental Officer)

*Victoria (Dentist)

*Reema (Dentist)

*Natalie (Dentist- currently on maternity leave)

*Katie (Dentist)

*Clare (Dental Nurse)

If the person is not in education anymore they could seen by:

*Brooke (Dentist)

*Marketta (Dentist)

*Sarah AH (Dentist)

*Sarah S (Dentist)

The photos of the staff members on shift are displayed on the door of the surgery that they are working in that day. 

They do try to accommodate as much as they can if a person prefers a certain dental nurse.

Below are some pictures of the inside and outside of the Safety Drive clinic so you can prepare your child what to expect to see on their first visit.

Children are not expected to sit in the dental chair if they don’t want to or it will make them anxious, the dental team will go at the person’s own pace.

dentist reception area including front desk and front door. Safety Drive clinic
Safety Drive clinic reception area.
stand up teeth xray machine-safety drive clinic

Day Surgery

Should your child require treatment at Dorchester Hospital, they will likely be given this document Your Guide to Day Surgery to help them prepare them for their stay. 

Below are some photos taken of Dorchester Hospital and the Kingfisher Children’s ward.