External Meeting Feedback Reports & Minutes

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Action Learning Session-Annual Health Checks Meeting 


All Age Autism Review


Annual Health Checks Project Planning Meeting

Aspire Adoption Meeting


Aspire Adoption Operational Management Board Meeting


Aspire Adoption Strategic Board Meeting


Aspire Adoption User Forum


BCP SEND Communications towards Parents Meeting (with Louise Chiles)


BCP SEND Management Team Meeting


Brain in Hand Awareness Session 


Carer Action Group Meeting


Chairs of Working Groups Meeting

Christchurch Alliance Group Meeting


Children Young People Mental Health Meeting


Continence Pathway Task & Finish Group


Co-Production of Local Offer Website-Meeting with Louise Chiles


Co-Production-Our Hopes for this Group -Meeting with Julian Radcliffe, Barbara Kewn, Claire Web (BCP) and Kate Rowe


Co-Production Delivery Meeting

(name of this meeting was previously the 'Co-production Working Group' but we are working on a new plan that will be jointly led by PCT and BCP and Co-Production Delivery is the ultimate goal)


Development & Behaviour Working Group Pathway Flowchart Meeting


Early Years Transitions Paperwork Review Meeting


EET- (Education Employment Training) & EET Strategic Partnership Board Meeting


EHCP Parent Contribution Paperwork Review Meeting


EHCP Template Working Group


EHCP Terms of Reference Pan Dorset Working Group


Engaging with Parents


Health Action Group Meeting


Health Checks Meeting


Health Local Offer Meeting (Pan Dorset) 


Housing- Where I live Meeting

Inclusion Meeting

Inclusion and Workforce Development Subgroup- Core Competencies Framework

Inclusion and Workforce Development Subgroup -Establish Expectations for Core Competencies for Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable Group

Inclusion and Workforce Development Subgroup -Outline 'New' Workforce Development including Early Intervention and Prevention

Inclusion Facing School Services SEND Work-stream


Integrated Care System (ICS) Training Session


Keeping Safe Action Group Meeting


Keep In Touch (KIT) Meeting

Key worker Mapping Session Meeting


Leadership & Governance Working Group Meeting


Learning Disability & Autism (LDA) Procurement Meeting

Learning Disability & Autism (LDA) Programme Catch Up Meeting


Learning Disability & Autism (LDA) Task & Finish Group Meeting


Learning Disability Partnership Board Meeting

Mental Health Support Team in Schools Project Meeting


Newsletter Meeting- With Dorset CCG and BCP


Pan Dorset EHCP Paperwork Working Group


Parent Champion Coordinator Role Meeting


POET Results & Future Participation in the Study Meeting

Post 16 Education Employment Training & Strategic Partnership Board (now combined)


Preparing for Adulthood Operational Group Meeting


Quality Assurance Framework/ EHCP Quality Assurance Framework Meeting


Quality Assurance Meeting with BCP and Dorset CCG


Rapid Improvement Toolkit


SEND Annual Survey

SEND Development Plan Meeting


SEND Education Working Group


SEND Health Forum Meeting


SEND Improvement Board Meeting


SEND Ofsted Prep Meeting


SEND Reset Planning Meeting


SEND Taskforce Meeting


SEND Templates Meeting

SEND Tier 1 Training Video Content Review Meeting


SEND Transformation & Development Meeting


SEND Youth Participation Meeting


Social Care & Pathways Information on Local Offer Meeting

Social Media Training Slides- Irwin Mitchell


Steve Clarke from Dorset CCG Meetings


Wheelchair Service Review Meeting


Wheelchair Steering Group Meeting


Written Statement of Action (WSoA) Meetings

Culture Workstream Meetings


Inclusion & Exclusion Workstream Meetings