Paid & Voluntary Opportunities

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Our Current Volunteer Opportunities 

As a small organisation with limited resources, we depend on the help of volunteers, If you feel you could offer some time and skills in networking, gathering feedback, publicity, marketing, running events or indeed anything else you feel you could offer Parent Carers Together, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!

We are currently looking for volunteers for the roles listed below. Please fill out the parent carer volunteer expression of interest online form and we will be in touch.

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Volunteer Week 2023

The 39th year of volunteer week was held between 1st-7th June.

To mark the occasion, Louise the chair of our forum wrote a quote why she wanted to be involved with our steering group.

We also issued a statement to raise public awareness of the week and encourage parents and carers to come volunteer their time with us. 

colourful frame with the following quote: "I chose to become a member of Parent Carers Together steering group because I think it is important that all SEND parents and carers are informed about the help and support that is available to them. I also believe that as a collective voice we have a greater chance of making real changes and improve our and future children's lives for the better". Other sentences on image include 'Louise-Chair of Parent Carers Together'. '1-7 June' '#volunteersweek'
poster with images of our current volunteers faces and the words 'thank you to our amazing volunteers for your time, skills and passion'. our pct logo and the words 'this forum wouldn't exist with you! #volunteerweek2023'

We are so completely grateful to each one of our volunteers but we need more of you to help us!

Paid Opportunities

Please visit this page for any paid vacancies.